MetroChurch is proud to offer the Gospel Light curriculum and Bible experience, giving your child amazing Biblically sound, Gospel-focused teaching with incredible application, activities and more. Gospel Light is a powerful Sunday School curriculum that makes our job of teaching Sunday School a breeze, giving us more time to spend with each child, seeing them grow in the knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Below, you can get a peek of the curriculum and some of the videos that the kids will be studying. Each of our lessons consists of video time, where we tell the lesson, and story time, where the lesson is explained through slideshows and questions and answers. Then, the kids are given multiple activities such as coloring pages, puzzles, mazes and we make sure there is adequate time for prayer throughout the class.
This season, we are teaching on “More Jesus”.  It’s a 2 year plan with music videos/CDs, Bible lessons with short video clips, worksheets, games, memory verses, and much more!  It is truly something stellar here at MetroChurch. 
Come check it out this Sunday!